Community Building Workshop (CBW)

Attend a Community Building Workshop (CBW)

Are you a member of a real team? Or leading one? A team where everyonetakes responsibility for themselves and the whole team? A team which not only works but performs excellently? Where the members support each other not only on sunny days but also when clouds are coming? A team which uses the different resources for achieving their goals instead of fighting who is right? Whose members engage not only for their personal work and career goals but for a common purpose?

If yes, congratulations!

And if not, you are not alone. Only 13 % of employees are really engaged at work as studies show (Gallup 2013, Frederic Laloux in Reinventing organizations).

How to become a real team? A highly performing team? A team characterized by deep flow instead of superficial harmony, flexibility instead of rigid rules, effective collaboration instead of endless discussions? It’s all about connection, trust and open communication … Its all about becoming a community.


Pseudo-community, Chaos, Emptiness and Community


is the usual, every-day level of communication between people, mostly with the intention of being kind with each other and support feeling safe in the relationship. The downside is that differences, other opinions and deeper emotions are hided and not available. The way to go deeper leads through talking more personaly and concretly, using “I” statements.


is the stage where our differences become visible and we try to solve them. Usually we want to heal others, push them to accept our opinions, fight  for power, do not listen… The solution is to look inside ourselves, feel our emotions and discover the needs and stories behind them instead of making projections on others.


is the big challenge and goal of the whole process. To become empty means to be able to express everything what is in me, all my expectations, opinions, judgements, and by sharing them let them go until I feel totally open and empty. Then we can really listen to others, really stay connected, really understand each other. This stage is like a small death, it is a kind of personal transformation.


in Community Building does not mean only being a group, but experiencing a deep level of connection between people. In Community, the members feel extraordinery safety, understanding, acceptance, inclusivity and deep listening. People feel their gifts and individuality and conflicts are solved with respect. People feel being “at home”, they feel free, they feel oneness, they feel union, they feel the Spirit of their community.