CBI Facilitator Certificate

Individual lessons or coaching can be an alternative way of learning it. For anyone, the condition is to be present during at least 2 seminars as a normal participant. For those who are not trained, this is an option of theoretical learning until the next training is opened. It can also help in personal development and personality individuality growth, focusing on the necessary skills for facilitation and breaking inner barriers.


The aim is to share knowledge from the facilitator training developed by M. Scott Peck, as well as new experiences which are supporting self-development and skills for facilitation (process work, meditation, mindfulness, body work..). The training combines Community Building process, lecture, experiential exercises, discussion, role play and various other methods to create a powerful and transformative learning experience. All participants receive a training manual and certificate.

In addition to the training, the following 5 steps are included in learning it:

  1. Participate as a normal participant in seminars. Ideally, if you had been experiencing 10 seminars as a participant before you had been in the process of facilitating, you were able to experience the dynamics of the process and, above all, you experienced it for yourself and became “empty” sufficiently. But even as a facilitator, it is still necessary to participate more times a year. Minimum is to participate in 2 seminars before you start the training.
  2. Participate in a reflection in the following morning after the seminar. This is considered to be the most ideal process of learning the process, of the real experience and awareness.
  3. Be a shadow facilitator in the role of a silent facilitator who is present in the seminar but does not speak to the group. Otherwise the silent facilitator is fully involved in facilitation process.. It is necessary to get the theoretical training for it before it.
  4. Be a learning facilitator. Be a third facilitator who is already involved in interventions in the process. Only after a few times of being the shadow facilitator.
  5. Be a co-driver. Being already fully involved, be the second co-facilitator. You can do it only after learning to facilitate and all the previous steps.

Edward specializes in helping senior executives implement change that empowers and recognizes employees.

President and Chairman of CBI

Facilitator of Community Building since the 1980’s and was trained and selected by M. Scott Peck

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“Community Building is applicable to all cultures with no particular belief system required…”



is the president and chairman of the Community Building Institute (Tennessee, USA). He is also president of Ed Groody & Associates, Inc., a consulting firm for organizational development. He and his team have been helping companies since 2001 to achieve exceptional results while creating a spirit of community in the workplace.

Edward specializes in helping senior executives implement change that empowers and recognizes employees. He has successfully managed financial and cultural turnarounds in numerous commercial enterprises and public institutions.


Senior Facilitator for „Communitybuilding by Scott Peck“ since 2008. Architect, Master of Sciene (Solararchitecture), Academic Expert for Solar Planning and Constructing, Teacher on the Academy of fine Arts/Vienna until 2013. She lived in an intentional community near Vienna and starts now a new project in Bavaria, her home country.

Trainings for CB-Facilitator: Edward Groody/Tim Dempsey/Debra Fields/Dawn Barnett (USA, CBI), Mona Reaume/Robert Reusing (USA, FCE), Adriaan Bertens & Liesbeth Kanters (NL- Certification, LEP) and in Workshops in USA (San Francisco/Richard Kleiner/Susan Brown, Detroit/Metamorphosis/FCE). Experience as Facilitator: ca. 200 Workshops, all over the world (also in english/french: Bali, France, UK, Czech Republik, Austria, Switzerland…). Since 2009 she organizes workshops and helds national and international Traininggroups.

Advanced Trainings in “Council” with Marlow Hotchkiss, as well as with Joe Provisor (Council in Schools).


Self employed; 2008 training for Community Building Facilitator in UK; since then I facilitate workshops in UK, Germany and Austria in many different settings. I am very dedicated to the Community Building process and this form of self development, which I am able to experience in myself and in others.


In addition it seems to me more and more important to spread Community Building in nowadays social and politic athmosphere, as a forum where people can learn and practice how to meet the “Other” – or even the “Enemy” – in openess and honesty. A forum where they can develop the courage to rediscover our common condition as human beings, which behind all our differences waits to be seen again.

I also teach communication workshops and am training to become a certified Nonviolent Communication trainer. I run my own business in medical market research.

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I have been a facilitator of Community Building since the 1980’s and was trained and selected by M. Scott Peck and the Foundation for Community Encouragement. I was also the Director of Programs at FCE. As Director I arranged both public and private workshops around the world. We have worked with groups as diverse as the US military, religious organizations, and manufacturing companies in the US, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Community Building is applicable to all cultures with no particular belief system required. I’m currently living in the US and at times the Czech Republic. I came here because I was “called” to do the work of Community Building as it was originally taught to me. This work has touched my life as well as I have seen it touch other lives. I work in collaboration with other trained facilitators who feel a similar “calling”. (more info: