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Our Projects

Community Building Milwaukee

The goal of the Community Building Milwaukee (CBM) is to incorporate Community Building into social service agencies and faith-based and community organizations that focus on issues related to peace and justice, economic development and community engagement in order to dramatically reduce crime, violence, and poverty in Milwaukee.

This is the largest Community Building project ever undertaken. Beginning in July 2013, CBI will work with Wisconsin Community Services to:

  • Enroll, train and certify 30-40 Milwaukee facilitators to conduct Community Building Workshops;
  • Incorporate Community Building Workshops into a minimum of 12-15 agencies;
  • Support and maintain an ongoing network of facilitators to serve the Milwaukee area for the long-term future.

Community Building Workshops create highly-effective learning environments by increasing trust and improving the quality of relationships among participants. In fact, after a Community Building experience, individuals and groups are more cooperative and easier to teach. Research has shown that this improved learning environment translates into improved outcomes for social service programs.

Participating agencies receive training and support implementing Community Building into their programs funded by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.