CBI Team


The CBI Team


Edward is the president and chairman of Community Building International. He is also president of Ed Groody & Associates, Inc., a consulting firm for organizational development. He and his team have been helping companies since 2001 to achieve exceptional results while creating a spirit of community in the workplace.

Edward specializes in helping senior executives implement change that empowers and recognizes employees. He has successfully managed financial and cultural turnarounds in numerous commercial enterprises and public institutions.


When I was 15 years old, I experienced a true community with around 10 people, which brought me an amazing gift of deep acceptance, listening and understanding truly who I am with everything. Then I discovered Scott Peck´s book “The different drum”, which described exactly the dynamic which we had experienced together, and basic guidelines on how the process to reach true community is working. I was excited and in my first Community Building Workshop (CBW), I found my mission of life.

Since 2005 I facilitate CBWs for personal development, living communities, schools, and any other groups and organizations. I brought CB work to the Czech Republic. I was trained by Edward Groody, who worked directly with M. S. Peck. I’m cooperating with facilitators of all Europe. Since 2012 I live with two sons in the small community “Lorien” situated near Prague. My other activities: Founder of the non-profit organization “A centrum” for pregnant women and parents with babies since 2001, director 2010-2017, management board now. Teacher in Waldorf schools 2003-2010; Owner of a massage studio in Prague since 2019.

“CBI workshops are always bringing me new knowledge, wisdom and real changes of myself. Through the workshops, I am learning how to be in deep contact with myself and with others, and in this I see great sense for all interpersonal relationships. In my view, the more people will learn these ways of communication, the more we will be able to have healthy and happy relationships, better understanding and cooperation and real love between human.”
– Hana”

Karol Herion

Karol is engaged in a variety of professional endeavors, including teaching, research, leading a university department, working as a journalist, writing books and, in the last ten years, he has been working as a facilitator, coach and soft-skills trainer.

He accompanies individuals and organizations on their way to unleash their potential and inner resources. His clients include companies such as Volkswagen, Orange, Jaguar Land Rover, IBM, Ecco, Accenture, Hewlett-Packard, Daikin, Kia Motors, and Tesco Stores. Karol also works for municipalities and for governmental and non-governmental organizations.

In 2019, he completed his CBI Facilitator training with Edward Groody, and now facilitates CBWs in Slovakia and other European countries.


Becoming a solo parent I realised I need to be more around people not only because of me but also because of my son, as there was missing one parent and we wanted to fill up the gaps in the family. So I tried to cooperate more with my neibourgs and people around me, and starting to realise how any form of a community is important for us. How healthy and prosperious it is.

Soon after that I accidentally walked into M. Scott Peck book The different drum and straight away passed out the seminar The real encounter.

After this I knew I wanted to continue somehow to work on building the community. Now I am helping to spread out the know how about Community Building throught marketing and PR tools.

My professional life consists of project management, marketing, fundraising and managing of interesting projects. These days I am focusing on writing articles to media, mostly about community, relationships and personal progress. I do Public Relations and marketing in different projects and also work with people as a Gestalt couch. I also love aromatherapy and do massages based on DoTerra aromatherapy oils from time to time. I like traveling, theater, architecture and art. I also practise yoga.



Senior Facilitator for „Communitybuilding by Scott Peck“ since 2008. Architect, Master of Sciene (Solararchitecture), Academic Expert for Solar Planning and Constructing, Teacher on the Academy of fine Arts/Vienna until 2013. She lived in an intentional community near Vienna and starts now a new project in Bavaria, her home country.

Trainings for CB-Facilitator: Edward Groody/Tim Dempsey/Debra Fields/Dawn Barnett (USA, CBI), Mona Reaume/Robert Reusing (USA, FCE), Adriaan Bertens & Liesbeth Kanters (NL- Certification, LEP) and in Workshops in USA (San Francisco/Richard Kleiner/Susan Brown, Detroit/Metamorphosis/FCE). Experience as Facilitator: ca. 200 Workshops, all over the world (also in english/french: Bali, France, UK, Czech Republik, Austria, Switzerland…). Since 2009 she organizes workshops and helds national and international Traininggroups.

Advanced Trainings in “Council” with Marlow Hotchkiss, as well as with Joe Provisor (Council in Schools).


Self employed; 2008 training for Community Building Facilitator in UK; since then I facilitate workshops in UK, Germany and Austria in many different settings. I am very dedicated to the Community Building process and this form of self development, which I am able to experience in myself and in others.


In addition it seems to me more and more important to spread Community Building in nowadays social and politic athmosphere, as a forum where people can learn and practice how to meet the “Other” – or even the “Enemy” – in openess and honesty. A forum where they can develop the courage to rediscover our common condition as human beings, which behind all our differences waits to be seen again.

I also teach communication workshops and am training to become a certified Nonviolent Communication trainer. I run my own business in medical market research.

(More about Nadja: https://commbuildaustria.com)