The seminar was very demanding for me personally from the beginning, first with its unknown and later with its dense atmosphere full of emotions. I could not imagine in any way how thirty unknown people can get to know and to connect to each other better. And how simple it is! To be within, fully present, open and lovingly receiving. To find the courage in yourself. To venture again and again into your depths to consciously bring to light the things that hurt, your fears that have not been forgotten and doze quietly in us, and without knowing, tie our feet and make us act according to old and rooted patterns that are no longer needed. Being in silence and listening to others, and talking only when I really feel it, when I feel that my heart can pop up with what I want to say, what is the right moment to talk. Not only in the community, but also in the family, at work, in life at all. How much time, pain and distress can cause an inappropriate word at the wrong moment, and yet little is needed. After all, love is the strongest bond that unites people and gives them strength. And it is not in vain that they say, “Speak silver, keep silent gold.”