What it gave me: Some rules of communication and coexistence with others. I found out how important they are for communication, understanding, full experience and its reflection, and how fundamental and difficult it is to follow them. I experienced an amazing journey: from naive enthusiasm through confusion and ambiguity to boredom, despair, loss of hope and fatigue to search again; than to hope and humble endeavor, to the top of bliss and ecstasy of understanding and compassion, and then back to humble endeavor and faith. I became strongly aware that things are not easy to do honestly, and that it can be painfull to do them from heart, but at the same time that this brings deep joy and true satisfaction. It is just necessary not to relax, not to get lazy and not to chat on the surface. What it took from me: naive enthusiasm, thanks God! A little carelessness and illusion that it will be simple. What I realized: how much I love my family. What I learned: follow community rules wherever possible.