Community Building is strong. I was brought up in keen sceptic background and I had to dig through my way to deephs always on my own. The way of inducement approved to me as fresh, clear, unburdened of ideologies and ego´s of individuals – gurus “who knows more than me”. The voices went silent and there became vocal inner guidance each of us. In safe environment, which miraculously arised in the silence, there could came out above ground hidden wisdom which pushes around the world. Canals have opened, and everything what happened – even outside of the circle, was part of the process. I think we touched the essence of the humanity. And it was very big blessing.

I also would like to emphase policy of the facilitators, which was very gentle, clever and impartial…at once as personnal. Especially this personal level from Hana´s and Vanda´s side was the key to win the confidence. Their own personal stories, big experiences and little secrets, which have shared with us, gave me a feelings, that we are on the same boat with the right people. The world is small and there is not a shortage of chances. Arrival home was strong and things are still moving. I wish, to keep the essence of the community, getting to know when is melting away, and to coming back to it anytime.