The seminar was one of the most beautiful and powerful experiences in my life, although at first it didn’t seem that way. It ended three days ago and the most beautiful thing is actually what is happening and what I have been experiencing since. My relationship with myself, my partner, my mom, my dad, my brother, my friends, my people around me, the people I meet on the street, the ants, the snails, the dogs … just changed everyone without exception. I understood and experienced that it is truly possible to respect and accept myself and others at the same time, that there is actually no contradiction in it. It is only a matter of continuing to seek in each relationship with each being what in this relationship and at this moment love means, what the other person really needs, to tune in and open to him … and myself. Everything we meet is an opportunity for love. Love cannot be given or taken; love simply is. Since I opened myself, love has been flowing and filling the whole world.