Accelerating change through the spirit of community

“There is a yearning in the heart for peace” (M. Scott Peck)

CASE STUDY: Wisconsin Community Services (WCS)

COMMUNITY BUILDING is changing lives in Milwaukee!

Over 10 years ago, the leaders of Wisconsin Community Services were desperate to see reform and life change among those in human services and the criminal justice system. They invited CBI in to facilitate community building workshops (CBW) and skills trainings (CBST). The results were astounding!

Now in its 12th year, the cutting-edge Community Building Milwaukee program has been a model for the nation. CBI has trained over 100 community building facilitators, who are working to improve outcomes in social and criminal justice programs throughout the city! Peace and community is coming to Milwaukee!

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

There are no upcoming events at this time.

CBI Workshop Testimonials

Colleen Frye, Racine Correctional Institution

"I now believe [CBI] presents a process of healing for everyone: inmate, staff, and the community as a whole. The effect that the process had on this group of eight men was more than I could have ...

John Pehrson, DuPont

"I have experienced the power and potential of community building after participating in a workshop with Ed Groody. His supportive facilitating style was able to shift the group to much deeper levels ...

Clarence Johnson, Social Services Admin.

"My experience with these workshops is that they are unique, and transformative. I believe they hold the promise to heal and transform individuals and communities like nothing else that I have seen or ...

B. McWhorter, M.D.

"I feel that the experience has changed my life. I came away with the determination that I wanted to live my life more fully with the people around me. Superficial relationships were no longer enough; ...

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Featured CBI Facilitators

Master Facilitator

EDWARD GROODY serves as President and Board Chair of CBI. He is President of Ed Groody & Associates, Inc. an organization development-consulting firm. He and his team of consultants have been helping companies get exceptional results and create a Spirit of Community in the workplace since 2001. Edward specializes in helping leaders implement change in a way that engages and honors people. He has facilitated highly successful financial and cultural turnarounds in a variety of industries and corporate settings.

HANA PERGLEROVÁ Senior Facilitator

"CB workshops are always bringing me new knowledge, wisdom and real changes within myself. Through the workshops, I am learning how to be in deep contact with myself and with others, and in this I see a great opportunity for the growth of all interpersonal relationships."

Facilitator II

Karol has been doing a variety of works: teaching, leading a university department, managing various projects, doing research, working as a journalist, writing books and, in the last ten years, he has been working as a facilitator, coach and soft-skills trainer. He accompanies individuals and organizations on their way to unleash their potential and inner resources. His clients include companies such as Volkswagen, Orange, Jaguar Land Rover, IBM, Ecco, Accenture, Hewlett-Packard, Daikin, Kia Motors, and Tesco Stores. Karol also works for municipalities and for governmental and non-governmental organizations. In 2019, he completed his training in facilitating with Edward Groody at CBI and now facilitates CBWs in Slovakia and other European countries.

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