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CBI offers a variety of training, consulting and other services to match your needs, goals and desired outcomes.

signature trainings
signature trainings

Introductory Trainings

CBI has two signature, introductory trainings detailed below: The Art of Connect: Community Building Skills Training (CBST) and Community Building Workshop Classic (CBW). Both trainings are truly unique, and provide a powerful opportunity to learn about the CB process and experience peace, connection and Community. However, certain recommendations apply.

The Art of Connection: Community Building Skills Training (CBST)

The Art of Connection: CBST provides both structured exercises with a focus on learning specific skills to build connection and improve communication in everyday life.

The CBST is the format most often used for practical applications by business, human service, criminal justice, and other organizations seeking to improve outcomes.

The CBST combines traditional methods from Dr, Peck’s original Community Building methods with new formats to meet today’s evolving challenges and desired outcomes.

Community Building Workshop Classic (CBW)

The CBW Classic is the original workshop format developed by Dr. Peck with a focus on experientially learning and experiencing Community Building guidelines and principles for personal, spiritual and professional growth.

The CBW involves a group process aimed at deeper, more authentic communication. Using a set of guidelines and principles rather than an agenda or particular procedure, participants are gently guided by specially trained facilitators who take the group through a process that shows how to look beyond the cultural, political and religious differences that prevent us from embracing our common humanity. During a CBW, the ultimate goal of the group is to experience a deeper level of being in community

What introductory training should I attend first?

If you are part of a group, organization or community seeking to use CBI trainings to improve outcomes, teamwork, emotional intelligence & soft skills, or some other goal, we recommend Option 1 – the Art of Connection: CBST as your first experience of Community Building. Following this experience certain individuals may wish to consider attending the CBW Classic, or other targeted CB trainings.


If you are an individual seeking personal, spiritual or professional growth outside of a group or organizational context, we recommend Option 2 – the Community Building Workshop (CBW) Classic as your first training. Following this first experience many people go on to attend the Art of Connection: CBST as a next step on their Community Building journey.

Customized Trainings

CB Human Services & Criminal Justice

CBI is the leading expert in using CB methods to improve program outcomes in a broad range of social and criminal justice services. CBI provides CB Skills Trainings specifically designed for human service and criminal justice leadership providers, teams and client groups – relating CB to Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Informed and other complementary evidence-based practices.

CB Teambuilding & Leadership Development

CB is a powerful method for: 1) building connection, belonging, commitment, and engagement, 2) increasing soft skills, team mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, especially listening and self-awareness; and 3) increasing employee retention and satisfaction.

CBI offers two options for working with teams and staff:

  • First, is a standalone CB Teambuilding and Leadership training that integrates unique CB skills with essential team building and leadership concepts.
  • Second, CBI works with teams in a six month to one year team development process including assessment, feedback, ongoing training and consulting.
CB Religious

Religious congregations and monastic communities today face unique challenges. CBI’s CB Religious Training is specifically designed to support ongoing communities and integrate respective religious language and concepts when appropriate. CBI has worked with Christian and Muslim ongoing communities.

CB Academia

CB Academia is designed specifically for enhancing outcomes and creating ideal learning environments with student classes and cohort groups – and also for organizational efforts to increase student retention and reduce student loneliness and isolation. We are currently working on cutting edge, new projects with university clients.

CB Ongoing Community

This is new training which will be offered in late 2024 or early 2025 focusing on how to build and maintain healthy ongoing communities.

5-Day Advanced Training: Community Building in Every Day Life

An advanced course. Prerequisite: CBW Classic or Art of Connection: CBST. A deep dive into the four stages of Community Building, facilitation methods, personal obstacles to community, dimensions of community experience and more. A highly popular course based on CBI’s world renowned Facilitator Training.

Other Services

Speaking, Conferences, and Public Talks

Edward Groody is available for keynote talks. CBI also offers in-person and online lectures. Please inquire for more information about a talk for your group or organization.

Sample Topics for Diverse Audiences:

  • The Art of Connection: Community Building Skills
  • Workplace Community
  • What is True Community?
  • The secret to real listening?
  • CB Teams
  • Team Mindfulness
  • From Chaos to Community: Overcoming an Epidemic of Loneliness
  • Community Building Skills in Uncivil Times
  • Improving Outcomes in Human Services with CB Skills
  • Community Building Methods & Trauma Informed Care
  • Community Building as Group Contemplative Prayer
  • What have you done with the garden entrusted to you?
  • Sacred Poetry as Meditation

"Taster" Sessions

CBI also offers periodic online “taster sessions’ to experience Community Building methods first hand. Please check our calendar.

    Sacred Poetry Meditation (SPM)

    Poetry is an ancient method for building connection and community. SPM is a unique contemplative/mindfulness meditation method, developed by Edward Groody, using “sacred poetry” such as Rumi, Psalms, Kabir, etc. SPM offers a valuable daily meditation practice. Sacred Poetry Meditation is also a unique way to build teamwork and connection at corporate large group meetings and events.

    CBI offers online and in person introductory 2-hour sessions and weekend workshops. Please check the CBI calendar.

    For more information please also see the new book Sacred Poetry Meditation, available in 2024.

    Community Building & Spirituality

    Edward Groody offers Centering Prayer, Contemplative Prayer, Mindfulness, and Community Building retreats specifically related to dimensions of spiritual formation and growth for universities, religious and spiritual organizations and retreat centers.

    Looking for specific support?

    We also offer tailored, longer term initiatives for government, business and other sectors. CBI has a rich network of CB consultants with organizational experience in diverse sectors including change management and team development.

    Interested in learning more about a long-term project or training or consulting for your group or organization? Contact us to discuss customized options for your team.

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