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Our Services

CBI teaches the skills and principles of Community Building and provides opportunities to experience the transformative power of true community.

Community Building is a highly experiential process that helps participants remove barriers to communication and unlearn unproductive attitudes and behaviors.

Specific services include:

1. Community Building Facilitator Training

CBI offers in-depth facilitator training. Our focus is to prepare and certify all participants to be ready to facilitate CBWs upon program completion. There is no replacement for effective facilitator training than experiencing live CBWs. CBI’s training program includes a 5-day learning intensive, a design practicum to learn how to integrate Community Building into existing programs, and live participation, shadowing and co-facilitation of CBWs. All participants receive rigorous one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

CBI specializes in working with state and local governments and nonprofit organizations seeking to build local Community Building capacity through facilitator training.

Download our white paper (PDF) with more information on facilitator training and the community building process.

2. 2-4 day Community Building Workshops that can be customized to client needs

The focus of the CBW is to experience the transforming power of genuine community and learn the skills and principles required to create that experience. Whether you are an executive director seeking to integrate Community Building into your services to enhance client and program outcomes, an individual seeking personal growth and awareness, a business leader wanting to quickly build trust and overcome conflict with your leadership team, or a religious leader seeking to hold a contemplative retreat, CBI will customize a CBW to meet your goals and target audience.

3. Public CBWs and advanced Community Building experiences across the country and internationally that are open to general public.

These workshops are for staff and leaders that want to experience Community Building firsthand before committing to a CBW for their organization, and for individuals seeking personal growth or simply want to learn more about Community Building. Local organizations may also co-sponsor a public workshop with CBI in their area.

Please see our Calendar for upcoming public offerings.

4. Program Design and Integration

CBI offers in-depth program design consultation to effectively integrate Community Building into new and existing programs in a broad range of areas including: social services, corrections, leadership development, religious formation, team building, change management, and many other programs.

Traditional CBW formats and alternative Community Building methods are used to meet your unique objectives, and match target audiences.

5. Team Building and Organizational Alignment

CBI provides customized Community Building interventions to build trust, resolve conflict and promote buy-in and alignment within groups and various organizations.

6. Poetry Divina Gatherings and Workshops

Poetry is an ancient way to build community. CBI offers workshops on how to work with poetry to build community.

7. Special Topic Community Building Gatherings

CBI also holds public Community Building gatherings with a focus on special topics such as: Community Building and Reducing Violence, Building Interfaith Community, Community Building in Business, Community Building in Reentry Programs/Reducing Recidivism.

Learn more about our work and how clients feel about our services.