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 I have found Community Building to be an experience that can offer an opportunity to learn what it means to be everything we are, as individuals, in the deepest part of ourselves AND at the same time to encourage and inform what it means to be a responsible member of the various societies, groups, or families to which we belong. It’s been invaluable. Ed Groody is a deeply gifted, trusted, and seasoned facilitator in the art of Community Building.

–Kyle Lehning, Multiple Grammy Award Winning Record Producer

I have experienced the power and potential of community building after participating in a workshop with Ed Groody. His supportive facilitating style was able to shift the group to much deeper levels of relationship and create bonds that have had lasting impact on my life. I recommend the Community Building Workshop to anyone who is searching for authenticity in their lives and success in their organization or business.

–John Pehrson, Product Manager, DuPont

I have believed passionately in the idea of community for years and here I was being given the chance to learn how to do it. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s somehow profoundly simple, but life changing and I can’t quite find words to describe it. I feel as if something has happened inside me and I now have a different way of being, both with myself and in the world.

–Kathryn Goodman, Teacher

I feel that the experience has changed my life. I came away with the determination that I wanted to live my life more fully with the people around me. Superficial relationships were no longer enough; I wanted full and intimate communication, to be accepted for who I am, and to accept my friends and enjoy their differences.

–B. McWhorter M.D., General Practitioner

CBI’s community building work is the managerial approach undertaken by the most progressive organizations.

–E.V. Williams Chair of Strategic Leadership & Professor of Strategic Management, Old Dominion University

I had the good fortune to meet Ed Groody at the start of a very challenging phase of my own career. Since that fortuitous meeting, Ed has been a source of guidance and counsel in a number of different areas in the William Morris Agency … There are a lot of good facilitators and consultants out there, but what sets Ed apart is his personal character. In addition to being a Community Building and subject matter expert, Ed brings an intuitive and spiritual wisdom to his work. This wisdom, coupled with his profound insights and great personal strength, make him stand out from the crowd.

–Kim Koser, VP Corporate Human Resources, William Morris Agency

Dalen employed Ed Groody and his team of consultants to help bring about some significant culture changes in the working environment of the company. At the time, Dalen was experiencing some significant growth that was forcing organizational changes. Through management retreats, team building, and community building exercises, Ed worked to bring about some dramatic organizational and cultural change.

–David Caldwell, Owner of Dalen Products, Inc.

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