The Milwaukee Story


CBI’s National Hub in the USA

A Case Study

Milwaukee has become a national hub for Community Building activity in the USA! Beginning in 2012, Community Building Milwaukee (CBM) remains a highly popular citywide public safety and trauma reduction initiative funded by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Family Services.

The program improves outcomes in neighborhood strengthening, violence reduction, and a broad range of human service and criminal justice programs by incorporating CBI’s Community Building exercises and trainings into existing programs and staff development. CBI conducts regular workshops for ex-offenders, welfare participants, nonprofit and government staff and providers, foster care participants transitioning to society, juvenile detention centers, etc.

The highly popular CBM program has trained 100’s of facilitators and involved 1000’s of public and private nonprofit and government staff and agencies to use Community Building methods to:

  • Increase human service, healthcare and criminal justice outcomes,
  • Promote genuine collaboration between government and nonprofit agencies,
  • Increase self-sufficiency, and
  • Enhance violence prevention and Increase public safety.

The WI Dept. Children and Family Services is proud to be the pioneer of the first-ever citywide application of CBI trainings in Milwaukee, WI. To date, state funding has been renewed for five 2-year cycles. CBI’s trainings have helped to improve outcomes in critical programs such as: public safety, TANF, W2, recidivism, job placement, juvenile justice, substance abuse treatment, transition from foster care, and more. An initially unplanned benefit has been an increase in genuine collaboration amongst nonprofit and government agencies – and the city’s capacity to address complicated problems of violence reduction, crime, and collective trauma. I encourage you to seriously consider any opportunity to bring CBI’s work into your group, agency, collaboration, city, or state.

Eloise Anderson

Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Family Services on the CBM Initiative


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